Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're going to have to open another kit

"My OB said WHAT?!?" is a site which is basically devoted to hating on obstetrics, physicians and Western medicine in general. Along with a bunch of mildly insensitive comments and a few that are truly outrageous, a few of the stories are really funny caregiver wins:
OB: “Would you rather be cut or tear?”
Mother: ‘Neither!”
OB: “Nurse, hand me my magic wand.”


  1. Even though laughter is truly the best medicine, I'm pretty sure that the patient in question was not amused by that comment.

    I have to say though, if I was the nurse, it would have been very hard to contain my giggles.

  2. It's hard to judge these things. I'll never forget the story, recounted by a patient's family member in one of those angry NYTimes comment threads, about a doctor who came to give them bad news but, on entering the room, gave the family a "reassuring smile." He vowed he would "never forgive" the doctor for that inappropriate smile when the actual news was bad. And I was like, geez, I use the reassuring smile every five minutes of the day. It's an unconscious reflex at this point. But this family member is carrying a lifelong grudge.

    You're right, it was an insensitive thing to say. But pretty funny nonetheless.